birthday cake

  • A cake made to celebrate and mark the anniversary of a person’s birth. Butter and sponge cakes are traditionally the cake of choice, with a buttercream frosting. Small lit candles are placed on top of the cake for the birthday person to blow out after making a wish.
  • decorated cake served at a birthday party
  • The birthday cake has been an integral part of the birthday celebrations in Western cultures since the middle of the 19th century. Certain rituals and traditions, such as singing of birthday songs, associated with birthday cakes are common to many Western cultures.


  • sjutandi ( shoo-tand-ee )
  • seventieth: the ordinal number of seventy in counting order

70th birthday cake

70th birthday cake – 70th Birthday

70th Birthday Party – Cakes, Cookies, Ice Cream Card
70th Birthday Party - Cakes, Cookies, Ice Cream Card
5 x 7 inch premium quality folded paper greeting card. Birthday Party invitations to celebrate any upcoming event are available at Greeting Card Universe. We have everything from custom invitations to professionally designed invitations. Turn to Greeting Card Universe for all your Birthday Party invitation needs. This paper card includes the following themes: 70th Invitation Card, Birthday Invitation, and Invite. Set your Birthday Party invitations apart this year with 70th Birthday invitations.

Green Lawn Bowls 70th Birthday Cake

Green Lawn Bowls 70th Birthday Cake
This cake was made as a 70th birthday party cake for a gentleman who loves green lawn bowling.

The sugar character was made to reflect his general appearance and bowling green colours. He was made to be balding, gray hair and eyebrows and a short beard.

The cake was made from moist vanilla sponge with creamy vanilla buttercream and covered in green smooth fondant.

70th Birthday Cake

70th Birthday Cake
A Cake for 70th birthday of my friend’s father. 70?? ??? ???? ????? ???? ?? ??

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